Positivity, Happiness, and Aloha!

I firmly believe positive things happen to positive people. However, maintaining a positive mindset is not always easy. To supplement my mental positivity, I try to do good deeds, be kind to others, and express gratitude. Doing all of this will make you happy – don’t believe me? Watch this:

Trust him. He’s wearing a white lab coat. I’ve been following Soul Pancake’s The Science of Happiness series for a few weeks now and absorbed all of their genius. The secret to happiness is… being a good person. Be kind to others. Do something for someone that cannot be repaid. Show gratitude. Don’t just think it, tell someone. Say please and thank you. Write a letter to the most inspirational person in your life, detailing what makes them so great. Then CALL THEM and read it to them. It will make you feel amazing.

Something I like to do is give praise when praise is due. Whether I’m out to dinner, on the phone with my cell phone company, or at the spa I will ask for a manager and let them know how wonderfully their employees are performing. Why? Because their service was great and I want them to be recognized. Not only does it make the manager happy to hear that a customer values their service/business, but sometimes employees are monetarily rewarded for going above and beyond. Why wouldn’t you want to make someone’s day by taking just a moment out of yours?


I have been doing this for years and never fully understood how lovely it is to be recognized for your hard work until I started this job. My work consists of 50-60% customer service via telephone and email with people who are pressed for time and under pressure from their bosses. It can be very frustrating for both myself and the customer when time is tight and we aren’t on the same page. I always try to help them to the best of my ability and don’t mind taking extra time to help you find exactly what you need. I’ve received multiple emails from grateful customers thanking me for my help, requesting that I forward their notes to my manager. No, I don’t get a monetary reward for my efforts, but recognition for my hard work moves my happiness level from content to elation. Something as small as an email thanking me for my help can turn my week around.

So my challenge for you is to follow the Soul Pancake video. Do 5 nice things today. They don’t have to follow the video exactly, but spread kindness and practice Aloha. You’ll have good vibes heading your way and I dare you to keep from smiling.

Happy Aloha Friday!

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