Taken or Available?

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you survived another long Monday. Things have been crazy for me since I started my new job. So many things to learn, people to meet, and nuances to pick up on. As I met with one of our marketing managers yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice the GIANT ROCK on her finger! Rings are something women almost always notice right away. I’m not sure if it’s because we get distracted by shiny objects or because we are attracted to the elevated status signified by large diamonds.

Everyone knows that Tiffany teal!

Everyone knows that Tiffany teal!


Paleo-Friendly Meals: Asian Meatballs

Hi everyone! Hope your day is going beautifully thus far! What I have for you today is a Paleo-friendly recipe that could be used as an appetizer or as a work-day lunch. They are so easy to make and absolutely delicious!


Mini Apple Pies

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while, but I’ve been really busy. So to apologize I baked you some mini apple pies!




Why I Might be a Middle-Aged Woman/Senior Citizen Stuck in a 20-Something’s Body

Happy Friday to everyone! As the work week winds down, I’ve been doing some introspection and found that I might be a middle-aged woman/senior citizen stuck in a 20-something’s body.


Unrelated picture of me in Maui. 😉


Sometimes I Wish…

This post was inspired by a trending hashtag on Twitter. God help me. Here goes…

The Jersey Shore's Twitter Mascot

The Jersey Shore’s Twitter Mascot


Lancaster is for Foodies!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I was lucky enough to take a walk on the beach with my mom in Point Pleasant. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 months since Hurricane Sandy ravaged our shores, but there is a lot of great progress on our beaches and boardwalks to get ready for the fast approaching summer season.

Beautiful Point Pleasant Beach

Beautiful Point Pleasant Beach


Sweet Strawberry Saturday!

Good morning! As the weather gets warmer and we inch our way closer to summer, I want to share a recipe that’s full of sunshine and happiness!

Pink cake!

Pink cake!

I made this strawberry cake for Easter and loved it! I’m not much of a cake person, but the addition of strawberries really piqued my interest. Also the fact that the cake is pink on both the INSIDE and OUTSIDE really sold me. What more could you really ask for!? 🙂 (more…)

A Dream within a Dream


Have you ever been somewhere other than your home and felt an overwhelming sense of home and community?   (more…)

Paleo General Tso’s Chicken

Ipad Pics 225

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine. I am so happy that spring has decided to stay here in Jersey. There’s nothing better than opening up all the windows and putting all of my winter clothes in the attic.


Aloha world!

Hello world and welcome to my little slice of the interwebs.

I admit I am here selfishly to help fill the hours of my unemployed life with something constructive and interesting, but I am eternally grateful for any readership. Before I get ahead of myself, I would like to introduce you to your loyal and sincere writer.

My name is Kim and I am an aloha-minded girl living on the Jersey Shore (no, please do not insert fist pumping, orange tans, or jager bombs here). I love to learn, read, write, travel, create, cook, and live! I am quite curious about all topics and plan to exhaust my mind though researching it all. (more…)