Thursday’s Thought of the Day

My job is utter insanity right now. I’ve mentioned before that back to school time makes me the equivalent of an elf on Christmas Eve. So being extremely overwhelmed has left me feeling a little bit loopy. For me, loopy = inquisitive. Why? Not so sure, but I keep coming back to one question:

If work is overwhelming me and my resulting social life is underwhelming me – can I just be whelmed?

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Paleo-Friendly Meals: Veggie Detox Soup

Summer is coming to an end and in a strike of irony, I feel the need to start cutting back my cheating in anticipation of autumn’s approach. While most people are going crazy to maintain their summer beach bodies and eating less, my summer is defined by cheat days down at the boardwalk indulging in all that is fried and covered in cheese.
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Work-Week Woes: All I Want is a Nap!

Dear adulthood,

You sure are exhausting. Gone are the childhood daydreams of growing up to be something superawesomefun and living lives of fanciness. What’s left? Exhaustion. Traffic. Nasty customers. It’s not all bad because I still love my job and what I do, but back-to-school season is our busy time and the emails, phone calls, requests, DEMANDS never stop! So, by the time I get home I am ready to drop.


Paleo-Friendly Meals: Enchilada Sauce

I love condiments. They have saved many a dish and helped me to get through tired meals. One can really only eat chicken so much, so here’s a fab Paleo-friendly recipe for flavorful enchilada sauce. It goes deliciously with my taco chicken!

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At 27, I Still Want to Go Back to School Shopping!

Between the ages of 5-25, I participated in the annual back to school shopping craze. That’s two decades of my life! Though this is my second year out of school, my love for back to school shopping is as strong as ever! The trouble is, I really don’t have a need for these things. But, where there’s a will there’s a way!
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Paleo-Friendly Meals: Homemade Chicken Stock (AKA nothing goes to waste!)

Waste not want not, right? My last recipe called for a whole chicken which is not only cheaper, but incredibly easy to cook. Since I butterflied the chicken, I cut out the spine and set aside the “brown bag of scariness” to use later. So what to do with the extras? Toss? NO. Compost? Nah. Save them for chicken stock? GOT IT.

Paleo-Friendly Meals: Lemon Grilled Chicken

We have been having some odd weather over the last week – even though it is still August, fall is definitely coming! The days are hot and humid, but the nights have been cool and beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer, but these slight reminders of fall have really gotten me in the mood for falling leaves and pumpkin pie! So to maintain my summer-state-of-mind, here’s another grill recipe that is sure to please!
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A Letter to Anyone Calling Customer Service

Dear Caller,

Thank you for your call to XYZ company, specializing in such-and-such service. We do sincerely appreciate your phone call and subsequent business, but I assure you that we are indeed here to assist you and not to be your whipping boy/girl. While your call is very important to us, we are not magicians nor do we have universal power over our company to give you whatever you want; we are just entry-level associates trying to make our way up the corporate ladder.



Paleo-Friendly Meals: Thai-Inspired Scallops in Coconut Broth

Soup, soup, soup. I could eat it all year round. Not only does it make your tummy warm and happy inside, but it is a one pot meal! Fewer dishes for me to wash = happiness.

But dadddddddddddd..............

But dadddddddddddd…………..


Things That Make Me Go Mmmmmm….

Going from eating whatever I wanted to a Paleo lifestyle was not easy. In fact, a year has passed and it’s still a struggle! I decided to work with one cheat day (okay sometimes it’s 2+) per week to satisfy my insanely strong cravings during the week. U know it’s not perfect Paleo, but the cheat day helps me to stay consistent without fully falling off the wagon.