The Blaze in Seaside Heights, NJ

There are not enough words to express the devastation and sense of loss I feel watching the Seaside Heights Boardwalk burn. Less than one year ago, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy left destruction and sadness. We banded together to be stronger than the storm and had a wonderful summer reliving old and making new memories on the restored boardwalk. Now, the flames destroyed a large part of the boardwalk, ruined more than 20 businesses, and took out Funtown Pier. How will we come back from this? Can we rebuild? I hope so. For now, please send love and prayers to the residents and business owners of Seaside Heights. Thank you, first responders, for trying to save and ultimately containing the blaze. 004 005 003 1240372_10151564104520846_1225329717_n015 016 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 IMG_0348