A Love Letter to Disney World

Dearest Disney World,

You are my one true love and life without you would be so bland and boring. It has been many years since I’ve spent time with everything that you offer and I can’t help but feel my neglect has caused us to drift apart. I take full responsibility for my actions and assure you that I still love Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios as much as the day we first met. But let’s be honest, she’ll always be MGM Studios to me. Tis true, I seem to favor Magic Kingdom and Epcot, but I know deep in my soul that without the others, you wouldn’t be the complete world I adore.

I’m delighted to tell you that our separation won’t continue forever; I am coming to visit you this October! I have looked forward to this reunion for years and finally the time has arrived! I promise this visit will be complete! Not only will I visit the princesses at Magic Kingdom and walk around the world in Epcot’s countries, but I will become part of the movies at, ahem, MGM Studios and walk with the animals at Animal Kingdom! I cannot contain my excitement!

You have been on my mind daily and this only exacerbates my longing for you:

In anticipation of our long-overdue meeting, here is a list of things I can’t wait to do!

images (1)

Eat Dole Whip at Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom


Spend the evening walking around Downtown Disney


Riding the Tower of Terror


Crying at Illuminations

dinosaur-ride-animal-kingdom (1)

Riding DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom

images (2)

Giving Stitch a big hug!


Riding the People Mover (it’s our favorite and terribly underrated!)


Riding Living with the Land


The Smell of The Land (The very fact that this image exists makes me feel less crazy)


Being jealous of all the participants in the Indiana Jones show

images (3)

Singing along with the Carousel of Progress

See, Disney? I love so many things about you and this list is only the tip of the iceberg! Not to mention that our relationship has gone strong for over 20 years. Thank you for showing me magic is real and keeping me believing all these years. How do I know it’s real? I feel it in my heart just at the thought of you! See you soon!



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