Sometimes I Wish…

This post was inspired by a trending hashtag on Twitter. God help me. Here goes…

The Jersey Shore's Twitter Mascot

The Jersey Shore’s Twitter Mascot

Sometimes I wish that all the ideas in my head flowed onto paper as freely as they do when I’m trying to sleep. When I sit down at the keyboard I sometimes feel writer’s block so strongly that I just walk away. But, why is it that when I lay down to sleep my head is so full of ideas bouncing off each other that I can’t fall asleep for sometimes hours?


Sometimes I wish that the Paleo diet included macaroni and cheese so I could eat it with my bacon every morning, not gain weight, and completely dismiss curious looks with a simple, “This is Paleo, our ancestors survived on it.”

You know Boston Market has the best macaroni and cheese ever!

You know Boston Market has the best macaroni and cheese ever!

Sometimes I wish our society was less technologically obsessed. I watched God Bless America the other day. While it features two semi-psychotic murderers, at times I understood their justification for eliminating people who are famous for being mean and profiting from the humiliation of others. It really made me take a hard look at myself to see what our culture has done to the minds of America.


Sometimes I wish plane tickets and college were less expensive. I think education and travel has become a luxury for the privileged, especially in this economy. Oh, what education and multi-cultural exposure would do for ignorant people.

Oaxaca, Mexico. A Habitat for Humanity trip I took in college.

Oaxaca, Mexico. A Habitat for Humanity trip I took in college.

Sometimes I wish I could speak absolutely everything that was on my mind. It would be such a relief to let go of things that might be insulting or rude, just for a day. I have a feeling I wouldn’t have very many friends at the end of that day.

Speak no evil.

Speak no evil.

Sometimes I wish the Philippines were closer so I could visit family I haven’t seen in over ten years. I miss you guys!

One of the many islands of the Philippines.

One of the many islands of the Philippines.

Sometimes I wish the judgments of other people didn’t hit me so harshly. I wish I was stronger and didn’t care what people thought about me or my life choices. I have no problem saying, “this is my choice and you don’t have to like it,” but in the lonely silence of the night, I do care, and it hurts.

Sometimes I wish I could have stayed a student forever. I loved the pressure of finishing a novel every week, discussing it, and producing thought provoking papers on it. I won’t lie, getting A’s totally made my day too!


Sometimes I wish my cats could talk, so I wouldn’t feel like such a nutcase asking them questions and pretending that certain winks or head movements meant “of course I missed you while you were out!

Ipad Pics 104

Sometimes I wish Twitter topics didn’t inspire me to write a little blog post. I refused to be on twitter for the longest time and my boyfriend forced me to start one when I made this blog. I still don’t love it, but I have to admit, this trending hashtag gave me some inspiration!

Aloha, and have an awesome Thursday! I leave you with a gorgeous view of Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.



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